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Alpha state: Unbreathe is an unfinished game. There will be errors, typos and other problems. If you find them, you would help me a lot by sharing them in the forums.

You awaken in a mysterious dark place where devilish beasts and hellish fiends lurk. Throughout the game you will explore, in a text only format, the depths of this wicked place, trying to find your way out. This won't be an easy task, however. Your decision-making and wits will be the key that define your fate in the purgatorium.

Unbreathe in its current version (0.3.5 / Alpha build) includes the following content:

  • A 30 minute story presented in a text only format.
  • Multiple choices in critical moments of the adventure.
  • Up to four different true endings, as well as several partial endings.
  • Immersing music and sounds to creep you out as you experience the story.
  • (0.3.5 NEW) Fixes and improvements in the overall writing.
  • (0.3.5 NEW) Improved text display.

If you find any bug, problem or error while playing, feel free share it in the discussion board.

If you really enjoyed Unbreathe, consider following my facebook page: Lord Of Vultures, as well as the official Unbreathe page. You can also support future developments and further gameplay enhancements for this project by donating.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction that contains brutal depictions of gore, sexual themes, and other sensitive topics. Sensitive people should NOT play under any circumstances. Any similarities with real people, names, locations, or events are mere coincidence.


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